8 Simple Ways of Boosting Facebook Engagement

Facebook has evolved to become one of the most important tools that a business can have. Apart from advertising its products and services, a business can use this social media platform to engage its customers. Having a Facebook page does not guarantee success for your business. You need to engage with your customers. Sadly many businesses think that customer engagement is all about updating your business information on the wall and waiting for people to like or comment on it.

A regular Facebook user is looking for something that stands out from the rest, something that will make him pause and look what the content is all about. This means that your content must be unique so as to catch someone’s attention. With these tips, you will never go wrong when it comes to Facebook engagement.

1.Proper timing

When it comes to Facebook, time is of great importance. This does not just apply on Facebook but on all digital marketing tools which include other social media platforms. Your posts need to reach customers when they are online. Dealing with timing issue is not complex. The first thing that you need to check is the time that most of your customers are free. If they are students, they will probably log in to Facebook after all the classes. The same applies to the working class group. Update your wall when people are from work and the most suitable time is at noon or around 7 pm.

Do not make your Facebook posts deep in the night or around 8 am. They will reach a very small group of people hence minimizing user engagement.

2. Use photos

Pictures create a very powerful visual impact. In fact, there is a popular saying , a picture is worth a thousand words. A single photo on Facebook can be worth than million words. Facebook users tend to stop scrolling down when they see an image. They would analyze it so as to get the message that is in the photo. In fact, a photo can get more likes and comments than texts. You can post images of your products or any other image that is directly related to what you are doing.

If you have a graphic designer or a photoshop expert in your business, things will be quite easier. You can still go ahead without these people. There are thousands of photos on the internet that you can download and use. Funny photos and meme can be used to engage customers in a friendly way. While using downloaded photos, ensure that they do not have anything to show that they were once used by another company. Remove any logo and brand name of another business that once used it

3. Using questions

Questions can be used to get customers into a dialog or some form conversation. In fact, it is the easiest and quickest way of engaging with your customers. All you need is to draft a simple question that will capture your customer’s attention. Your questions should be directly related to your business and should be something that they can easily get familiar with. Don’t mine for questions from the moon but instead observe how they use your products then get a question from your observation. The questions should be short and straight forward. A Facebook user does not have time to go through paragraphs or answering an ambiguous question.

4.Organize Contests

Let your customers compete against themselves then reward those who emerge the best. The power of Facebook contests should never be underestimated. Not only does a contest help you to reward your loyal customers but also it attracts more people on your Facebook page. Loyal customers will be eager to check if they are winners of the contest and you can take advantage of their frequent page visits to advertise your products or engage with them.

Create a contest which requires customers to get more likes. Lets say they post a photo and the one with more likes will be declared the winner. Such a contests will force them to share your Facebook page widely and by doing so, they will attract more people.

5. Paid advertisement

Facebook allows businesses to use money to promote your posts. You can either pay to get more likes or make your post to reach many people. This happens through ‘Sponsored’ Ads. You only need to meet some simple requirements and after that, your post will be ready to run. The performance of paid ads may depend on the amount of money that you decided to pay. Paying more money can result in more likes or the post can reach many people. While using paid ads, closely monitor the performance so that next time you can make changes that will result in a better performance.

6. Show them the inside of you

Give your Facebook followers a sneek peek of your personality. Allow them to see inside your company. Remember that Facebook is a social media platform, so you don’t have to be formal with all of your posts. Share photos of your workspace showing how other employees are working. Share videos of workers doing some activities in the office, lets say having lunch or just in a joyous mood. Take advantage of the Facebook live feature to directly engage with users through live video.

7. Clear Call to Action

What do you what Facebook users to do? Do you want them to go to your website, like the page or comment on a post? Having a clear call to action will make users respond to your requests fast, without wasting any more time. And they help you know what they want and how they want it packaged.

8. Crowdsourcing for advice

Instead of answering common problems that customers are facing in the field of your business, allow other customers to do it for you. Post a question from customers and let other people give advice or tips regarding the question. This method is very effective because it has chances of drawing curiosity even from unconcerned users.